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Mike Brace trailer mkIII

Some of you will be aware that my Mk II trailer (along with bitch  machine) was crushed by a combine harvester whilst parked in early  September.

The damage was quite severe with the rear quarter being squashed  including the inner panels. The trailer was thrown in the air by the  impact and the floor area where the drawbar was attached was also damged  along with damage to the front quarter and an apparent twisting to the  shell.

After a lengthy battle with the insurers of the combine I received a  final payout of £2500 to build a replacement. Whilst not very generous  in view of the amount of work involved it will be sufficient for me to  pay out for help as and where needed.

I have obtained a donor vehicle and today we managed to get it into the workshop:

I'm hoping I will have assistance tomorrow to get the vehicle stripped to a rolling shell.




2013-04-02 22:18:11



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