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530 cylinder head porting

Here's a guide with some easier tips and intervention to improve the Volvo 530 cylinder head

First a picture of a cut through head (in the picture is a 398 that has a substantially similar channel so there is no difference to the port ).
As you can see, the channel is not very flow-friendly with a transverse edge down towards the valve that the air is difficult to follow.

A quick drawing of the port, the outer edges of the duct is marked with the black stretches the grey is the valve seat and the yellow valve.
The red lines demonstrate the air's path through the canal and what happens is that the high speed air does not work and turn down to the valve but passes straight across the valve and only utilizes a portion of the valve opening area and gets a turbulent air pocket behind the sharp edge of the air there instead of being drained into the combustion space and the cylinder swirls and inhibits the flow very much.

Here's a picture of how to a simple portinging where the red lines show how to remove material most in the inner radius and round the turn down to the valve where the largest flow resriction is located further up the channel.

You can use solder wire to help see the shape of your port from outside. By pressing the wire up again the roof and floor of the port canal you get then get an impression of it

When the grinding begins it is usually begin to level the jut edges that aregrind in shorter steps, preferably go between all 4 cylinders, so it's easier and get them the same than if you do a channel at a time, observe the solder how it starts to look .

the begening on the coarse grinding of the inner radius and as you can see, the channel is a bit triangular, which is good for when the inner radius becomes wider, it creates more space for the air that passes, which reduces the speed and the air gets easier and turns so  to make it wider and if you want to make a bigger channel than step one and start broadening the channel further and make it even more triangular.

After further grinding, it looks like the solder wire and it looks pretty good then it's only fine sanding left to do (not polishing)
So measure what you can and review the top channels and see if it seems to look different somewhere, especially in the beginning, it may be that taking a little more or a bit less somewhere a bit less is obviously better as it can be done easily with a little more grinding so never stress and do everything methodically to get a good result.

A picture of a completed intake duct.



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