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Tailgate Wiring Repair

It's very common for the rear wiper wiring to break up where it is fed through the tailgate hinges as many of us know. I repaired mine not too long back and took a few photos. This method saves having to remove or disturb the gate hinges, or the tailgate itself - which is a two man job to lift I understand. It can be done by using props to support the gate whilst removing a hinge, but would not reccommend it, as if a pole slips you'll knacker the other hinge!

The result here is having a working rear wash/wipe, the finish is a bit ugly & may not be acceptable to all.

1) carefully ease back the roof liner, I found it easiest to start in the corner, then work along the rear & then along the off-side. (Photo shows N/S due to piccies being a last minute thought)

2) In the 'void' you will find a white plastic connector for the tailgate loom. Disconnect it. Just a wiggle & pull job.

3) Next look up into the void directly below the hinge. You'll see the two bolts that hold the hinge. Using 13mm socket undo these 2-3 turns only. This should free the wiring enough to allow you to pull it through from within the void & from within the tailgate pillar, removing the rear wiper wiring from the tailgate completely. One black wire will remain, I think this is for the rear screen demister. This wire in my case is fine, so I left it in place. Dont forget to re-tighten the hinge bolts.

4) Now, in my case the roof lining is split along where it is stretched around its 'hanger' (this is the bit that may not be acceptable to those wanting 'perfection'). I fed the wires through this 'handy' split. Then join the 4 wires (all coulour coded) & insulate well. Reconnect the push fit joiner.

You will be left with a small wire 'loop' which will be visible when the boot is shut & more so when it's open. But you will have a very very cheap fix.

There may well be neater methods, if you know of one feel free to add to this thread.


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2012-11-07 16:14:19



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