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Brake Servo Hose (FI Models)

Hi. A while back it was pointed out to me that my brake servo hose was looking a 'little tired'! In ignorance I hadn't noticed & also wasn't aware that if these pipes 'give out' servo brake assistance is lost . Not something we'd like to try.
Here you can see how perished mine was:

So I set about replacing it. Went to a local motor factor & was correctly advised that this was a Volvo only item, as the pipe is re-inforced. I was, again in ignorance going to buy a piece of standard pipe in the same diameter :rolleyes:.

I contacted Pemzec Volvo near Vannes & got a length of the correct pipe for 24,76€ . So not a bank breaker. In fact for that price I received a length long enough for two on Tank!

Fitting is easy, just remove the clips & it should pull away. TIP - remove the inlet manifold end first, then blow down the pipe. There is a non-return valve, if all is good you should not be able to blow into it. If it 'lets by', it won't hold vacuum . You should replace the valve if it 'leaks'. Tanks was good :D

My pipe, despite looking dry and perished on the outside looked okay internally & still flexed:

And the new pipe in place:

Note the cable ties holding the pipe to the accelerator cable for support. I used the old ones by slipping the old pipe out & the new into them :D

Finally when you start up, keep your foot on the brake pedal and it should rise as the vacuum builds up. That means the servo is working properly.

As our cars are 'knocking on a bit :lol: now' I recommend that you check yours and replace if in any doubt.

Hope this is of use, I think the carb' models have a similar pipe..... I'll let Admins confirm (or otherwise) that & possibly add pics?

Please do add any tips from your findings. :D

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2013-04-22 08:34:49



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