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Replacing Fuel Filter
Old (Bosch) filter in situ & new Mann filter ready to go. The bosch one was there on purchased in 2003 :rolleyes: Over 50k miles with me, who knows how many before.....
You need to release pressure in the fuel system. Pull fuse #6, then run engine till it stops. Finally remove fuel filler cap. If the fuel pump fuse is showing signs of overheating, now is a good time to replace it!
Disconnect -ve terminal of battery!
Disconnect output side of fuel filter (can do input first, this is just the routine I used). Note using an adjustable spanner on the filter to allow the 17mm on the nut to be used with a bit of force.
Then disconnect the 15mm connector on the brass elbow joint on the input side. This is a bit fiddly due to the bonnet hinges & spring being 'in the way'.
Next undo the 10mm nut on the fuel filter holding bracket. This has a captive nut by the way.

You can now remove the filter, although you may need to spin it free from the output pipes thread. Some fuel will no doubt spill out.
Next you need to remove the brass elbow joint from the input end of the filter.  I did this on my bench.
New filter with the elbow screwed in ready to be mounted.
New filter in place.:D

Refit (new) fuse #6

Re-connect battery

Start engine, which may take longer than normal to allow fuel to get through new filter & thoroughly check for signs of leaks!
Hopefully all will be well :D




2012-11-07 16:10:13


#2 2012-11-07 17:28:49

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Re: Replacing Fuel Filter

Thanks Paul, great photos.
You should make sure to use new copper washers when doing this job to minimise the chance of any leaks. If you are lucky they will come with the new filter. I also put a rag around the joints as I am undoing it to catch any spilt fuel. It will also stop any spray from the fuel if there is any residual pressure still in the system.




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